April 30, 2011

Page redo

I've updated the download page to reflect that 0.6 [DRAFT] is now the preferred version, even though it is not complete.

Version 0.6 has been updated to reflect the new routines and fixes of the December 1, 2010 SOFA release.

Work continues on bringing the Reference Manual up to date, if you spot any errors in the draft then let me know.

On the coding front we're close to a freeze for this release. The object codes need correcting to match NAIF SPICE values, and some of the older routines need re-formatting. Some of the USTRATCOM routines, including SGP4, will need to be changed as a result of the new quasi-JD UTC dates introduced by SOFA last December.

Anyway after two years it looks like version 0.6 will be fixed, hurrah!


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